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Hola, my name is Javier Alcocer. I have a son and a daughter which I am very proud of them. I have a Civil Engineering degree that enabled me to make a career change into teaching. While getting my teaching credential, the coolest thing that happened was my daughter and I attended the same college, had the same major, took the same courses, and had several classes together at the same time. Of course, she sat on the other side of the classroom and didn’t speak to me.


 WHY I teach... 

My teaching credential allows me to teach math and science. I have taught in high school and middle school, and I decided to teach middle school science. I believe that it is my calling and mission to teach kids and to try to reach them at one of the most critical stages of their adolescent and educational lives. I hope that I can make an impact and difference on their lives by advising, guiding, and being a role model for them.

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